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Face Regeneration Cream

The rich content of Kolokythelaioy in antioxidants protects the skin’s cell membranes, renews its cells and maintains collagen. Ideal for hydration, gives your face a youthful glow.


Instructions for use: Gently apply small amounts to the face in the morning and evening and allow to act for 20 minutes. We remove the tabbing, without any circular motions.


Prod code: 1253

Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Body cream with specially formulated formula, enriched with extracts and essential oils that pamper your skin offering your body a unique sense of relief and relaxation. Ideal for strenuous physical activity.


Instructions for use: Spread a small amount in the desired area and massage gently.


Prod code: 1103

Night Eye Cream

Eye cream with olive oil and beeswax enriched with wheat germ oil. Unveils tissue reconstruction & hydration. The grape oil protects the cells, tightens and nourishes the skin, while the jojoba relieves irritation and offers a restful, healthy and luminous appearance. With essential oils of rose and geranium, containing rejuvenating and balancing properties. Ideal to rid yourself of the black shadows in the eye area.


Instructions for use: Gently spread a small amount of cream under and around the eyes every night.


Prod code: 131

Sun Care Face Cream

Face cream with olive oil and sesame oil rich in oleic and linoleic acid with omega-6 fatty acids. He takes care of the person during the day. Perfect for the summer season. The action of the carrot preserves the moisture and elasticity of the skin giving it a unique softness and shine.


Instructions for use: Spread a quantity of soft movements on dry skin and repeat once it is absorbed.


Prod code: 1273

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