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Beard Oil with hemp oil

Oil with almond oil, canola oil and nettle oil for the care of beard. It cleans the hair, giving it a radiant appearance and without removing the natural oils of the skin. Leaves a refreshing scent of freshness.


Instructions for use: Gently spread a small amount of oil on the beard in the morning and evening.


Prod code: 2291

Insect Protection Oil

Insect protection oil with double action: Insect repellent protects you from all insects and anti-irritant immediately relieves the irritated point from contact with mosquitoes, bees, jellyfish etc.


Instructions for use: After the sun or sweating repeat the application.


Prod code: 020

Tanning oil

Body Oil of natural tanning oils. A specially formulated composition of coconut oil, vitamin E and carrot oil enhances your skin, giving it a long-lasting golden color. It leaves a soft and silky feel, while it is easily absorbed, with no traces of oily.


Instructions for use: Spread a quantity on the body during the day and repeat once it is absorbed.


Prod code: 2283

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