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Paggaio Oros. Our place, a majestic mountain with a multitude of legendary stories, myths and traditions.

Through its hidden or visible paths, it reveals the primordial secrets of the sounds, echoing on every mountainside. With every step you admire discovering the rich flora and fauna that it possesses, the precious minerals, the feast of colors and this intoxicating aura that emerges from its bowels.

This place, sacred and unique, with its own power, became for us our inner quest, the refuge and finally our inspiration.

This polymorphic and multidimensional experience of Pan-Gaia, which heals and revitalizes, has been transformed into something tangible exclusively for you. You can touch it, smell it, feel it.

There, in this landscape, the idea was born to create a laboratory based on what our ancestors had in ancient years. They processed the gold and the silver, we sculpt the precious elements of the Greek nature: the Greek olive oil, the thermal water of the springs, the beeswax, the fruits, the aromatic fruits and our therapeutic herbs.

Today we are here to present to all of you our own therapeutic and cosmetic “jewels”, made exclusively from natural ingredients that “Gaia makes”. We’re here to introduce you to the geology.

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